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Us millennials want more than just a job: we want flexibility, work life balance and travel, and preferably we want giant salary for doing it.Office romance is it ever a good idea to date your colleague or boss?Conventional career paths just don’t cut it these days, especially when every other person you meet is a blogger come surfboard maker come bike mechanic with a side hustle curing fish.As another wave of students starts their final university term, here are some alternative careers paths forged with millennials in mind.Instead of a midwife, be a doulaDoulas play a non medical role in childbirth, providing support for couples before, during and immediately after birth.You’ll be self employed amazing.You’ll negotiate fees directly with your clients ace.You’ll get to witness the miracle of birth on a regular basis awesome as long as you don’t mind blood and are down with babies.Instead of a teacher, be an online language tutorCombining millenials’ two true loves of digital anything and travel, online language teachers teach their own language to students across the globe, using Skype, forums and online resources.You will need some actual teaching experience, however, and a teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) qualification is still the best place to start.There’s a heck of a lot of training involved but this career has the added benefit of actually helping people. Hashtag fulfilling.Instead of an architect, be an urban plannerUrban planners use design and planning to create communities, restructure cities to accommodate growth, upgrade facilities in metropolitan areas and basically make life better for the people who live there.If you spent your teen years playing Sims, this one’s for you.Instead of a software developer, be an ethical hackerEthical hackers purposefully hack into websites to test their security.If you love hacking stuff, why not use your powers for good instead of evil, and get in a cheeky game of Football Manager at lunch time. Score.Already put snaps of your lunch on Instagram? You’re halfway there as a food stylist.Food stylists prep, arrange and style dishes before they are papped for magazines, TV or advertising.Be warned: stylists will use everything from paint stripper to lipstick to make the food look totally on fleek.’On fleek’ is still a thing, right?Instead of all of the above, be an industrial athleteYeah, I know, it sounds made up but if there’s one thing millennials thrive on it’s finding a practical application for made up stuff.An industrial athlete is anyone who uses both their physical and mental assets to perform a role that requires skill, strength and flexibility.

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