Fifty years ago maritial rape was not a crime and you would

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canada goose black friday sale It honestly worries me that you don value anyone else life besides a kid Humans don magically experience all of life the second they turn 18. If they die when they turn 18, that is not a life well lived. They hardly even lived. official canada goose outlet Are you saying when that same kid turns into an adult that you stop caring? canada goose black friday sale

Also, I going to say canada goose outlet jackets that OP has a good point. The only reason they were downvoted was because people disagree. I disagree with you but I going not to downvote canada goose outlet store uk you. I feel like I need to say that.

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Had a couple for a few years. Some people gave me really weird looks when I said I had pet rats. Some just couldn’t get over the tails for some reason.

My canada goose outlet in usa favorite was one time my wife took them to the vet. She canada goose outlet online was waiting and had one of the rats in the carrier. Someone asked what kind of pet she had. My wife replied that it was our pet rat.

Weird look. Pause. “Oh. Did you like. find it or canada goose outlet reviews something?”

canada goose coats on sale My wife had to explain that no, she didn’t go to a sewer somewhere and just pick up a new friend. You can buy them in canada goose factory outlet a pet store. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose uk outlet This person was an adult. Her canada goose outlet new york city friends laughed at her. canada goose uk outlet

That why most dogs will happily come over canada goose outlet parka with you pat your knees and talk in a soft or high and exciting voice. A dog will not come over or come very reluctantly when you are holding your body in a very intimidating way when you mad and yelling at them. They can also understand pointing (some are better at it then others).

canada goose store Of course some of our body language canada goose outlet doesn canada goose outlet uk canada goose outlet translate, like some words don translate to other languages. Staring is one that doesn That doesn mean they can understand other things. canada goose store

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canada goose uk shop Yes some are better at it then others. You have to remember though that dogs have been with us for tens of thousands of years. They been finetuned canada goose outlet canada to being able to understand in such a way that we were able to use them for various things, and body language was what we mainly used to communicate with them. There are subtle cues that translates into our body language and dog do see it and pick it up. Being tense is a subtle cue. If they see that, they will become tense as well. canada goose uk shop

I think this video is enough evidence of that at least.

Women are far more often victims of abuse and here it is again, speaking in terms of hetero and homosexual relationships. “Throughout our research, we were unable to find data that quantified how often women were identified as the primary abuser in the relationship. Anecdotally, we know they exist, but we were unable to find statistics that clarified how prevalent canada goose outlet shop they may be. It can be implied that men are more often victimized by men and women are the abuser to other women in intimate relationships, but we were not able to quantify that, nor in cases where men are the primary victim with a female abuser.”

uk canada goose outlet It cannot be qualified. Also, I do volunteer at her shelter. There is a lot of abuse that goes both ways, but far more often the man as seen as the primary abuser. I have no idea where you getting your 70% from but it is not a canada goose black friday sale reputable resource or researcher. Everything I saw was telling me there was not adequate evidence to put a number but primarily in male/ female violence the woman is only generally the abuser in reciprocal violence and male male relationships have higher rates of violence than female female. Women are not typically abusers. uk canada goose outlet

It happens. Of course it happens and we canada goose outlet black friday need to remove the stigma and open more resources to men and tell them it is far and beyond okay for them to report abuse and cops need to take it canada goose outlet toronto factory seriously. Injury is injury and it isn lessened because canada goose outlet sale it came from a woman nor he is for being abused by one. But statistics prove women are more likely to be abused. We as a society have vastly changed how we react to reports of violence. Fifty years ago maritial rape was not a crime and you would never see it prosecuted. Now it is. Domestic violence is taken very seriously. It needs to change for men as it unacceptable in any terms. But your numbers are very wrong.

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Canada Goose sale When I was 17 I watched my mother have a breakdown at Liberty Insurance customer service because she was kindly asked to fill up a few forms in order canada goose outlet online uk to report a hit and run incident one of their clients was responsible for, so she can proceed with making a claim. It basic ass procedure, but she was mad that she had to wait 2 hours (it was a very busy day) just to be asked to do that, despite being the victim of the accident. It was extremely embarrassing and everyone in the queue was annoyed and kept glaring canada goose jacket outlet at us and the person at the desk was persistently patient and canada goose outlet store kind with her despite her freak out. She refused to apologise and continued insulting him and I had to physically drag her out of the office, put her in a car, give her a mint. I then returned to the counter and profusely apologised to the officer for her behavior. He said it was all good and was so sweet about it too. Needless to say, she never got that claim processed. I had a loooong ass talk with her about how this dude canada goose outlet nyc is just a desk man and probs had his own bullshit to deal with and kids at home and was just doing his job etc but she was having NONE OF IT. Just drove her home in silence after that, fuming with anger. Canada Goose sale

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uk canada goose I think that when you younger you into different things than when you older. You not going to be happy doing what you do now all the time, and you struggle to fill your week. Having kids, adult kids, and grandkids allows you to relive your youth and gives you something to live for in old age. Being really old and having no kids is pretty empty and depressing. It might be doable if you very religious and you living for old age, but if you not religious, a childless existence when you older is just waiting for death. uk canada goose

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Generally, working breeds and hunting breeds have minimal health issues. They were bred to be active and as healthy as possible because they have jobs to do. Mutts tend to be healthier because they can be cross bred and any health issues that one breed might have can be bred out with another breed that doesn have that issue. Chihuahuas, when bred properly and not inbred like so many of them have, are among the healthiest. They can live fore a really long time. My chihuahua is currently 16 years old and probably still has a good few more years left in her.

Keep in mind that different breeds have different lifespans. A German Shepherd might live to be 13 years while a chihuahua can live up to 20.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Not sure what your relationship is with your parents but it might be fun to bring this back up a few years down the road. Bring it up in a laughy playful way, as if to say “Remember this thing you guys did that was borderline insane? Haha! And then haha! You made me give him the songbook too! Remember how ridiculous you were being? I still can picture what life lesson you were trying to instill with that one! knee slap buy canada goose jacket cheap

If there any shred of hope in there, you get your apology.

Canada Goose Jackets Edit: Bonus points if its at a family gathering, double bonus points if your bro and his S/O are there Canada Goose Jackets.

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