Everywhere I go I just try to make people aware of the

Shots taken with the Oppo F7 had vibrant colours, while the V9’s output looked dull in comparison. Auto HDR kicks in automatically on both, but the F7 performs better. In frames with both light and dark areas, we found that the Vivo V9 failed to the get the exposure right and lost out on detail, while the Oppo F7 fared better.

canada goose outlet uk That’s the cover of the new Iggy and The Stooges album. Strap that dynamite to Chris Brown and we’d be debating that cover art for months, especially when you take into account that canada goose outlet las vegas the album comes out April 30, just a few short weeks after the Boston Marathon bombing. There has been no such controversy surrounding this new Iggy and The Stooges record though, because when you start making Chrysler commercials with John Varvatos, the rest of us get to stop pretending you’re scary. canada goose outlet uk

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