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piumini moncler scontatissimi Was chatting with Stacey last night, and realised that our relationship hasn changed much, ne gryn We still jabber excitedly moncler bambino saldi about our favourite books and music, and do everything short of blatant arm twisting to get the other party to try them. We swopped fic reccomendations for HP, and revelation of moncler uomo revelations! She likes D/G! (But doesn care much about slash. Boohoo. But she let on that Rhysenn, who wrote Irresistable Poison, is Singaporean. ^_^ Didn know that.) We known each other since, let see, Primary 2, so it been 8 years! Granted, we haven really had one of those heart to hearts that seems to be expected of moncler saldi outlet most long time chick moncler outlet online uomo relationships (so sue me if I stereotype), but we are always able to pick up from where we left off, ie, there never any angst over “we lost touch and it so awkward, oh moncler outlet no!” I don piumini moncler saldi know why, but one of the most vivid memories I have of her, is her (past) ambition to be an interior designer. Uh huh, I have no idea why I remember that, out of all the different memories. shrug The brain is a trs funny thing. The Mother insists on me visiting her every day (which I don really mind), but what really gets my goat is that she expects me to only visit my grandma and stay at home the rest of the time. for “Achievement, Good Leadership and Service” (I quote). Who cares, I get a 0 award voucher (“award voucher” For books, I hope. Boohoohoo. =( I feel so juvenile. piumini moncler scontatissimi

piumini moncler EDS BBQ on monday wasn bad. =S) Didn know whether to laugh or cry over the Incident of the Chicken moncler outlet online shop Juice aka the Incident of the Wonkily Packed Chicken aka Who Had The Idea That Tupperware Meant Foil Container Plus Covering (Of course, it was poor TK who was carrying that plastic bag.) So, they transferred those chicken wings into another (genuine) Tupperware container, dripping “chicken juice” (well, not really) all over the MRT station floor. Interesting. piumini moncler

moncler saldi Went to Delifrance for lunch, with the exception of Vanny who disappeared to a CD store and came back with a Malaysian mag because it featured Jerry Yan (whom she cooed over whenever she had a spare moment.) Tried a quich Lorraine, and nearly choked, trying to suppress laughter at a mental image of TK (who looks suspiciously like Prof. Snape, with his pasty complexion, floppy dark hair and tortured sleep deprived look) piumini moncler uomo with mashed potato on his nose. I nearly throttled Rui because she asked oh so innocently (my foot!) “Why does your shirt have a dip in the middle of the neckline, ah (I flat, ok I admit it! Grah.) moncler saldi

moncler outlet Then, of course, we went shopping for the rest of the food, and it turned out that there were no marshmallows! What a calamity! Vanny and I trooped to White Sands Watsons, Marks and Spencers and Tampines, before ascertaining that Watsons marshmallows were the cheapest..99 per pack! The big BBQ able kind too! (I feel so ah soh. Argh.) moncler outlet

moncler saldi uomo It was threatening to rain by the time Vanny and I arrived at the park to meet up with the others. (Oh gooshe, you couldn begin to imagine the puns they made on my name. Adoi.)Jeremy and Zhi struck luvverly duelling poses on top of piumini moncler the BBQ pits(no, not on the bit where you actually cook the food la.) and I hope Rui got the pictures of them. ^_^ Zhi, Rui, TK and I went off to collect people at the MRT station, while Rowell, Shan and the others stayed behind to start the fires. moncler saldi uomo

moncler donna We got there really early, so they bought some stuff to nosh on, and we kia kia ed the big makeshift market near the MRT. Mei Wei was the outlet moncler earliest to show up, and she had 2 of those little plush red strap on hearts from IKEA, and this lovely big one for me! As a farewell present no less, because “we too glad to see you go, so we bought this for you” (I quote). Wah, thanks hor. It was extremely shnoogly, and Rui and Becky ended up scrapping with me, to hug it. Mei Wei then held on to it til the end of the BBQ. _LOL_) Thankew Mei Wei! (Ok, huishan also shared, but Mei Wei said “Don thank her! She haven pay yet, don thank her!”) Wenling and I ended up looking quite twin like, thanks to our similar outfits. We agreed to wear home clothes and biiiig earrings, and in the end, we were both dressed in white sleeveless tops, blue jeans and the ubiqitious biiiig earrings. moncler donna

piumini moncler uomo Played capball for what seems like the first time in 189974527 years. Vanny was in her element this time, and she played and played and played some more. Sat on the beach, got the seat of my pants seriously wet. >_Went home early, around 9. Geez, I get tired too easily. piumini moncler uomo

moncler saldi outlet And I need to go shopping. Arrrrrgh. Say what you like about my tastes, I just really happy that Christopher Lee finally got into shi da, and that Fann Wong kept her place (it take an earthquake to unshake her. And a bloody big one at that.) Jacelyn Tay got in too, all hail the piumini moncler outlet 2 great beauties in Mediacorp! (If you have differing opinions, you welcome to them. placid smile I am decidedly shallow about beauty. Huang Biren won Best Actress, which made me squeal with glee, because my mom and I kinda got hooked on Beautiful Connections (Yes, I watch TV. A lot of it being in Chinese too.) Although I never watched bao zi dan, I like Li Nanxing (he gives off good vibes to me), so I thrilled he got moncler outlet trebaseleghe Best Actor too. However, I have a bone to pick with Michelle Saram. Why Because she is ugly and talentless. bitch alert Anyone notice the striking resemblance between Ivy Lee and Michelle Saram tonight I think it was just the lighting+make up+Ivy Lee weight loss. shudder Scary. moncler saldi outlet

moncler outlet serravalle Chen Hui Hui got Best Supporting Actress, good fer her!! (Finally.) Last but not least, I was expecting the girl from Beautiful moncler outlet serravalle Connection to win the Green Apple Award. (Well, I empathised with her character, at any rate.) moncler outlet serravalle

outlet moncler That, moncler donna was my ha rant on the Star Awards 2002. Hah. Goodnight people, it the EDS BBQ tomorrow, be there or be square outlet moncler

moncler bambino saldi (I getting lamer and lamer. Not that I could choke anything down anyway, but hey, maybe I finally hit 48kg again! [“Dreams are my reality” and all that jazz]. There nothing really very edible in the house. except Tim Tams. [Resist the temptation!] moncler bambino saldi

moncler outlet online uomo Why moncler saldi am I blogging at the unearthly hour of nearly 2 in the afternoon Because I feel a need to rant, that why. My aunt (the youngest one) and her husband are going back to the UK, after Christmas. =( They gonna sell their nice apartment and go back. My uncle from UK, you see, and although they quite like Singapore, they just prefer UK. That fine with me, because it generally agreed on in the family, that when I get my scholarship to study in the UK, I visit them once in a while, to ascertain the fact that I living and reasonably healthy. But, I miss the house, I miss the cat, I miss them! My dad says we might buy the house, if no one wants to buy it, but I think he just saying that to placate me. It so nice! It in moncler bambino saldi a private estate, and it the highest apartment, on the 4th floor. There a small pool, with a swing at the back. The house moncleroutlet-i itself is spacious, but not too big such that cleaning becomes hell. I like the kitchen, it neat and trim and more airy than ours. It my ideal house, damn it! Then there Sourpuss, resident feline, whom my aunt and uncle “adopted” early this year. (Well, it was more of she adopting them, really.) She around 8 years old, a grand ol dame of a cat, and looks really grouchy, because she got a black patch of fur just beside her nose, which makes her look like she squinting at you in a decidedly unfriendly way. But she really sweet at heart, and my aunt and uncle love her. They don think she like the journey to England, and the Chinese have a saying that cats recognise houses and not moncler saldi uomo people. Debatable, yes, but they don think that she make it, if she were to be transported to England. (Hey, she about 56 in human years.) My mommy won let me have her, because no one will be home during the day. (Quite true.) Therefore, I want my dad to buy the house, but he muttered something about piumini moncler scontatissimi it being on the highest level, thus increasing the possibility of a leaking roof when it rains (bullshit!), and that my mom can make the walk up the 4 flights of rather steep stairs, because there no lift. What if the new owner hates cats Hasn anyone thought of that how on earth am I supposed to spend 2 more years, in JC, without my aunt and uncle They nice, and I bet out of the entire family, they understand me the most. (Yeah, well, I like them the most too) They not irritating when they care, they don fuss like the rest of the grown ups, and they actually treat me like I have a mind of my own! moncler outlet online uomo

moncler outlet online shop “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderlay again” moncler outlet online shop

piumini moncler outlet My HKMahjong software revived today! Revitalised by a round of mahjong, I feel much better. beams at all and sundry Slept my usual 12 hours, and did a little clearing. There so much to pack! The Chinese stuff will go to Matt, the history to ling (there only a few bits of notes left, which I found during the excavation of the scary pile on my computer table.) English to whoever wants it, and SS has moncler bambino outlet gone to jia. My lit notes stay, except for the unseen papers, which are also with jia. Oyez, French will go to tian and melody. The mass of papers in my house is quite astounding. DHS kills a lot of trees, no mistake about that piumini moncler outlet.

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