“By 1900 the city’s population had risen to canada goose uk

an ordinary soldier’s memoir of the First World War

This story is based on letters, telegrams and documents canada goose coats written during The First World War. Contradictions have been canada goose uk shop left intact.When the telegram arrived it must have caused her heart to cheap canada goose uk fail with its ungrammatical “sincerely regret inform you” until her eyes took grip of the words two lines down:”791036 Canada Goose Outlet Private William Emerson Peart infantry officially reported wounded March thirty first nineteen seventeen gun shot wound canada goose outlet right arm will send further particulars.”Her only Canada Goose sale son just 18 years old the terror and relief Mary Anne Peart felt in the space of a few seconds hardly needs describing.And if that wasn’t enough, barely three weeks later a second arrives again with its obligatory “sincere regrets from the Officer in charge Records,” this time saying:”791034 Pte. William Emerson Peart infantry officially reported dangerously ill no twenty two casualty clearing station May ninth nineteen seventeen, Gunshot wound chest will send further particulars when received.”Telegrams like this superfluous words and punctuation missing were flying throughout the country in the aftermath of the Canadian Army’s feat of arms on the slopes of Vimy Ridge in the spring of 1917.Today those two telegrams concerning the fate of a young Coquitlam soldier of the 47th Canadian Infantry battalion and dozens of letters he sent home to his parents preserved by his family provide an insight into the world that went to war 100 years ago.So what was it like back then?According to Vancouver civic historian John Atkin, the Vancouver and New Westminster of 1914 were modern cities.”Ordinary people lived in nice homes that had electricity, sewer and water, telephones were common and ownership of motor vehicles was increasing,” said Atkin.There was a good public transit system that linked Vancouver to Chilliwack and Richmond and nearer suburbs were joined by paved roads. Three national railway companies were opening from the city. coast and Vancouver Island.Broadcast radio had not come about but the area was well served by a number of daily newspapers that kept people up Canada Goose Parka to date on national and Canada Goose online international events.Considering the village of Vancouver had a population of 1,000 in 1886, its growth to city status before the outbreak of war in 1914 had been breathtaking.”By 1900 the city’s population had risen to canada goose uk black friday 25,000. By 1910 it was 100,000. Between 1913 and 1914 it had jumped another 15,000. We are talking huge growth street cars were being extended into neighbourhoods canada goose clearance sale and suburbs. Large tracts of land were being opened for development,” said Atkin.”By now Vancouver was an important city on the west coast. It had become canada goose factory sale the financial uk canada goose outlet heart of the province and people in London were fully aware of it.”However, with every boom comes a bust and in 1913 the bubble burst when international financial markets failed and Vancouver’s hustle and bustle was halted in its tracks.”Unemployment wasn’t as severe as (it) was in the Great Depression of 1929 but you can see the economic effects of the collapse as new home and office construction just disappeared in 1913,” said Atkin.When war was declared on Germany in August, canada goose clearance 1914, there were three infantry militia regiments in the Lower Mainland that would figure prominently in the fighting to come.In Vancouver there were the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada and the Duke of Connaught’s Own Rifles better known as the The British Columbia Regiment and in New Westminster was the 104th Regiment which would raise the 47th Canadian Infantry battalion the Westminster Regiment which 17 year old William Emerson Peart joined in 1916.A photograph of this young volunteer shows a handsome youth of refined even delicate features with the eyes of a dreamer, nothing martial about him save the uniform. At almost six feet three inches tall he was an imposing figure.His family owned a farm in Essondale and his letters begin with descriptions of his basic training buy canada goose jacket cheap in Vernon in 1916 and carry through to his honourable discharge from wounds in 1918.They were preserved by his mother, to whom many were addressed, and were made available to The Vancouver Sun by his son, James.It is the memoir of an ordinary soldier and with few exceptions he spares his canada goose coats on sale parents details of what fighting on the Western Front was like, describing instead the weather, who he has seen, what he would like sent out food, tobacco, http://www.canadagoosesalesus.com socks, gloves but there are glimpses of the deadly and ferocious life he was leading in the trenches.The 47th had gone to England in 1915 and then on to France in August 1916 and Peart was among the reinforcements for the battalion that were ordered overseas in the fall of 1916.In October canada goose uk outlet he and his 400 comrades were part of a huge movement of soldiers heading east canada goose store for Halifax in troop trains.On Oct. 21 he writes from Quebec: “There is over 30 troop trains ahead. and about 20 behind. cheap Canada Goose We have to wait over an hour as the lines is full of trains. there uk canada goose will be about 40,000 soldiers waiting to go over.”.

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